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Chapter 7.80 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.79- perhaps not more kind-hearted, for I am sure no one could have received more kindness than we have invariably received from the thousands in whose company we have been since leaving home – not one harsh or unkind word or action do I recollect.

(Tuesday 12th) This morning we rambled about -- to the table point, point view. "old curiosity shop", and along the margin of the river to the bridge.  Several little fellows playing about upon the very brink of the river.  I wonder there are not more dreadful accidents here, for if a creature once looses a firm footing, he is gone -- nothing can save him. Indeed there is not a year passes without one or more occurring -- Have been told of several most melancholy cases.

One of the first questions a stranger asks himself, when gazing into the deep, pent up river, below the Falls is, "which could have caused it?" It has certainly a wonderful appearance -- has the whole deep ravine suddenly sunk by some convulsion of Nature, or has it been from its first creation, gradually wearing away by the action of the waters?

I confess the last opinion appears to be most...continues on 7.81