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Chapter 7.79 - Niagara (continnued)

Continued from 7.78- called Gull Island upon which no human foot has ever trod.  After rambling about and gathering a bough of cedar from the edge of Table Rock, we walked to Clifton House, a fine hotel -- saw many strangers about, went up to the top of the building and had a good view of the Falls. Not equal to Table Rock -- Ferried back by a ‘Bristol boy' - told us the river is 250 ft. deep which is quite true -- 200 yards wide, (or half of a quarter of a mile). Fine view of both Falls from the Ferry -- hard rowing to stem the current. Toiled up the rocky slopes and the 208 wooden steps and reached our rooms not a little fatigued.

Strolled out with papa this evening, and had a magnificent view of the Fall by moonlight. Hoped to find a Lunar Bow - but the moon was too low. 

Made acquaintance this evening with a party of Kentuckians, quite pleasant, chatty, and polite -- It is surprising to find so great a difference between the Southerners and Yankees or Northern people. Their tone of speaking is different, as well as their manners, the Southerners being certainly more polished and courteous -- tho'...continues on 7.80