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Chapter 7.78 - Niagara (continues)

Continued from 7.77 - Table Rock must fall.  The river undoubtedly once flowed entirely over Table Rock, from its present bounds, to the staircase. Father Hennepin, a French Missionary, visited it first in 1675 - He mentions a third cascade from West to East.  Some immense rock, which caused it, must have fallen since.

  We caught a fine showering here, which no one fails to get if they venture as we did to the edge of the flowing water.  I did not mind it tho', for I have become pretty well hardened to such things now.  Stooped down and quenched our thirst with a handful of water from the very edge of the precipice.

Caught a glimpse of three concentric rainbows at once.  There is always one to be seen if the sun shines, and the circumstance of its passing in front of Goat Island has of course induced them to change that name to Iris Island, which certainly is very appropriate.

The rapids above the falls show very well from Table Rock. There is much grandeur in their appearance, more than a person could imagine from any description of them - They are very extensive, as they commence at Chipawa 2 miles up, increasing in grandeur as they approach. 

There is one small island in the midst of them...continues on 7.79