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Chapter 7.77 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.76- "Table Rock" is very appropriate, for it looks like an immense slab of limestone. 

We hurried on toward the spot, where those who choose to try the strength of their nerves, go down and on, with the assistance of ropes and a guide, (being previously wrapped in an oilskin dress at the house at the top of the stairs, and giving your guide a small fee).  We felt no inclination for such a trial of our nerves, (“you missed much, by not going in” – G.J.F.), but were quite satisfied to go on to the very edge of the falling waters! The sulphur blast which came up from the tremendous chasm before us was terrific!  This was the first time I had felt fear, in all my ramblings round these mighty falls!  I had either forgotten, or had never heard of it, and it’s coming was so sudden and unexpected that I hastened to retreat and got back to the stairs quite out of breath and not a little wet.

Refreshed ourselves with a glass of lemon-aid, and again found ourselves taking the path toward Table Rock.

One does not step upon it with quite so firm a tread after having been under it and seen it’s great projection.  There is besides a large fissure in the rock extending many feet back, and without doubt err many years pass away, this portion of...continues on 7.78