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Chapter 7.76 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.75 - The brilliant rainbow too, whose majestic arch forms so striking a contrast with the tremendous chasm in which one-foot of it appears to rest!  What a perfect blending of the “sublime and beautiful”. 

The crescent shape of the Falls shows to much finer advantage from Table Rock, than from any other point, and adds wonderfully to the effect' The stupendous appearance of that immense semicircular abyss which lay beneath us is quite beyond description - the dashing - the foaming - the rising of that everlasting mist, like incense to the skies, no words can describe.

We however could not stand gazing always -- The day was fast advancing and we yet had the Ferry to cross, beside seeing several other places of interest.  We therefore returned to the winding stairs, which, after giving the keeper a trifle, we descended by 98 steps. We ran along a footpath made by cutting away part of the rock. -- This brought us directly under Table Rock -- Here the water came down so fast upon us, that I was obliged to wrap myself, bonnet and all, in my shawl, and run as quickly as possible.  It was wonderful to look up and see this immense rock projecting over our heads 50 or 60 feet -- The name, ...continues on 7.77