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Chapter 7.75 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.74 - fatigue, and bent our steps immediately towards Table Rock - oh, how sublime and magnificent is the scene![1] – We saw nothing to compare with it, from any other point. The wild and stupendous -- the beautiful and graceful, are so wonderfully blended, that the beholder is filled with astonishment, and rooted to the spot, unable to withdraw his eyes from this most magnificent of nature's works. The immense sheet of water as it comes bending over the edge of the precipice is the most elegant and graceful thing in Nature. In some parts snowy white, in others, of a lovely green - Ere it descends 50 ft it begins to break, and by the time it reaches the base, has become foam and mist -- dashing and thundering onward in magnificent confusion!  That boiling abyss into which no eye can, or ever has penetrated, conveys more strongly to the rnind than anything I had ever before witnessed.  The wonderful power and majesty of the Almighty, who holdeth the waters in the hollow of His hand! - That unceasing fall and thundering of this water - how grand!  and that mist too -- that wonderful beautiful mist! – Oh! I never can forget it! ...continues on 7.76

[1] Height of the falls 164 feet