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Chapter 7.74 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.73- Upon reaching the hotel, found Eliza ready for a stroll, and directing our steps to Goat Island again, visited once more all the interesting spots.  Each visit discovers something new and beautiful!

We crossed a small bridge to Ship Island - this, and two other very small islands, seem to be fast washing away by the passing waters.  Another bridge takes you from Goat to Luna Island.  A very picturesque spot which diverts from its course, a part of the American Falls, causing the water to rush between it and Goat Island; and to sweep over the precipice in a most beautiful manner. This is often called the Middle Fall. Under this falls is the Cave of the Wind - but we did not venture down, thinking it dangerous to do so.

Upon leaving the islands we strolled about the neighbourhood - stepped into the "Old Curiosity Shop" - a great variety of Indian work here – splendid specimens of crystals taken from rocks near the Falls - an immense bald eagle.

There is no end to the streams of visitors.  Parties constantly rambling about -- of every degree -- Took the ferry for the Canadian side (for each 10 1/2d. over and 3 1/2d. back) really amusing to see the opposition among the ferrymen and coachmen. We however all walked up the winding road by the side of the perpendicular cliff without much...continues on 7.75