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Chapter 7.73 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.72 - interred in this village.  The cause of this unfortunate man exiting himself from human society remains as yet a sealed book.  It has been known since his death that he came from Plymouth, England.

The group of Tuscarora squaws and children were seated under the trees, employed with their bead work. They had wisely chosen a good spot in the path that all visitors take and many articles they sell to them.  Begged them to sell me two of their silver brooches - Had to coax a little -- found they could not resist the temptation of money --The larger one fastened her wrist band, the other her skirt which opened in front.  The beadwork on their skirts and leggings is the richest I have seen here. On some parts solid work of a quarter yard. The scarlet leggings with beads are very showy.  Saw no pointed caps but all with hats, ornamented -- one squaw must have had 200 silver broaches of various patterns about her dress -many as large as a dollar - skirt ornamented in this way with them. ...continues on 7.74