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Chapter 7.72 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.71- Ascending the steep and keeping our course round the island, we came to the Hermit’s bathing place – a small tranquil spot at the foot of a cascade near the shore.  A terrific place for bathing certainly! -- Surrounded with foaming rapids.  A little further on is the log hut in which he lived for nearly 2 years, secluding himself from all society.

His name was Francis Abbott and first made his appearance at Niagara in June 1829, under his arms a roll of blanket, flute, portfolio, and book.  After a few days, he took up his residence at the hut, which was unoccupied.  He might be seen at all hours of the night walking with rapid steps from one end of Terrapin Bridge to the other or carelessly sitting upon the extreme point of the projecting timber which extends over the precipice – nay – sometimes hanging under it by his hands and feet for ten minutes at a time!  Not liking the society of a family that moved into the hut, he left it, and built for himself a rude place at Point View, near the ferry stairs but had not resided there many weeks when he was drowned, while bathing near the ferry landing.  The body was found 10 days after at Ft. Niagara, 14 miles below, & decently...continues on 7.73