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Chapter 7.71 - Niagara (continued)

Scrambled some distance down the place where a few years ago Dr. Hungerford was killed by falling rocks.  Further on is another winding path down the precipice of earth and rocks to Terrapin Bridge, which leads to the tower.  This bridge is so loosely built, and so decayed in many parts that I was glad to set my foot upon the firm rock, altho’ insulated by the rushing waters. 

The tower is of stone – strongly built – 30 feet in height.  We ascended by a winding stairs of 38 steps, and stepping out on the balcony at the top, enjoyed a finer view of the falls than any we had yet seen.  The eye at this point looks almost into the great abyss at the base of the horseshoe.  After leaving the tower, scrambled out with the help of hands and feet to the end of terrapin bridge, which overhangs the chasm below! 

Awfully grand indeed !  Felt no desire to remain there long, as the projection is formed of only one square beam of timber, and had I grown dizzy, must have fallen into the yawning chasm, 150 ft. Below -- This is the most fearful place about this part of the falls.

By the help of a young Irish lad, for one meets persons from all parts of the world here, placed my foot again on the solid rock... continues on 7.72