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Chapter 7.69 - Niagara (continued)


From the falls to Chippewa 2 Miles
Across the river at the falls 200 yards or half of ¼ mile
Width of American Falls 56 rods
[Width] of Horseshoe Falls 114 rods
[Width] of river at the ferry 76 rods
Depth of water on the verge of the falls 20 feet
[Depth] of water at the ferry 250 feet
From the falls to the whirpool 3 miles
[From the falls] to Mineral Spring 3 ¾ miles
[From the falls] to Buffalo 22 miles
[From the falls] to Lockport 22 miles
[From the falls] to Tuscarora Indian Village 10
[From the falls] to Lewiston, or Queenston 7 miles
[From the falls] to Fort George 14 Miles
Height of the Horseshoe Falls 164 feet
Height of the American Falls 158 Feet