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Chapter 7.67 - Niagara (continued)

             (Sunday the 10th)  My father and Eliza both ill today.  E. could not rise at all – Papa confined to his bed most of the day.  An anxious day indeed for me.  What a calamity, should one or both of them be seriously ill ! -- Alas!  What poor helpless mortals we are – after travelling a thousand miles to view this grandest of spectacles – the very centre of all attraction to the lovers of Nature’s Works – two of our little party were unable to walk a few steps to enjoy its grandeur !

Sunday Night 

Oh Home !  Home !  How I shall prize you.  Should I be spared to reach you in safety once more – It appears an age since leaving dear Liverpool, how much I long for it no one can tell.!  I scarcely dare dwell upon the thought of dear ones there, the anxiety I feel for them would unfit me for enjoying and benefiting by the natural wonders around me.

This afternoon, imagining I was old enough to take care of myself, I strolled out, taking the bridge to Bath island, and from there to Goat, or as it is now called Iris Island.  Every stranger who passes the gate at the end of the bridge pays 1/3, which gives him the privilege of crossing to the islands as often as he wishes, during the present year. ...continues on 7.68