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Chapter 7.66 - Niagara

Continued from 7.65- wall of rock; which it would be impossible to descend or ascend without artificial steps. (On the American side as perpendicular and smooth as a wall of masonry)

The sheet of water, as it turns the edge of the precipice is in many parts, of a lively and beautiful green.  As it proceeds, it becomes whitish, and as it reaches the base looks like snowy mist.  The spray rises so as, at times, to hide the falls from view – Papa and I got a heavy showering by venturing too near.  Gathered a few wild flowers growing in the cliffs and a specimen or two of the crystal that abounds in the limestone.

Intend tomorrow, immediately after breakfast to pass over to the Canadian side we hope to worship in our own church on British ground once more -- I am sure we should feel like different beings when we get to our own side of this wonderful barrier.

Papa & I took a long walk this afternoon, nearly 3 miles up the river to “Schlossor’s Landing”.  Not being acquainted with the road we had a much longer walk than we intended – having passed the spot without knowing it.  We went on the wharf and through the old store, of which we had heard so much a few years ago, the steamer Caroline having been taken here by the British, set on fire, and allowed to drift over the falls.

What a splendid spectacle it must have been !