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Chapter 7.65 - Niagara (continued)

Here, all the overflowing waters from that great chain of lakes above, came pouring over this perpendicular cliff of limestone.

We fhe first look the street which leads to the margin of the river, and following its course a few hundred yards, stood within a foot of the water as it bends over the precipice – we kneeled down and with our hand scooped up and drank of the very water which a moment after would have been dashed into mist and foam.

One feels a peculiar sensation at this spot, a sort of drawing down, if I may so say, with the flood, which induces him to fix his feet more closely to the ground.

After leaving this interesting spot, we passed on to the ferry stairs, which we descended by 208 wooden steps, beside several rocky slopes.  It makes one quake to look up at the frail steps by which the descent of 158 feet has been made.  I cannot attempt a description of the from this point – so grand and sublime ! – one must see it to form any idea of it, and of the enchantment that seems to surround him.

We appeared shutout from all the world beside.  Then we stood upon the margin of that deep and foaming river which by some wonderful process in nature has (rather quickly) fallen more than 150 feet -  It is bounded on either side by a perpendicular...continues on 7.66