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Chapter 7.64- Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.63- water once spread over all the low country between the high land and the present shore.  Within a few miles of Niagara town, we suddenly found ourselves upon the highest banks of that wonderful river, looking down upon its green and troubled waters -- It is green what kind of green, I cannot tell – a certain indescribable hue, (A bright apple green) which gives a wonderful depth and grandeur to the scene.  A feeling of awe and astonishment filled my mind as I gazed upon the river, so different in appearance from any other I had ever beheld!  The rapidity of the cars did not allow much time for enjoying the scene.  On we rolled -- but presently caught a glimpse of the mighty falls itself!  ‘Twas but for a moment; it is however as distinctly fixed upon my memory as if I had gazed upon it for an hour – the misty mantle hid much from the view, and added greatly to the interest of the whole.

A few minutes brought us to Niagara town (The village is called “The Falls”).  After insuring comfortable rooms, and enjoying a sumptuous dinner, for we were tired and hungry, we all walked towards the falls – what a magnificent sight !  It may well be called one of the most stupendous in the world!