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Chapter 6.63 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.62- came in to sell his apples and pears, the name of one of them – no less a name than ‘Pekin’ - Folks in these parts have certainly a great taste for grand names.

Three splendidly dressed Tuscaroran Squaws took seats in the car here.  Fine broadcloth mantles – skirts worked ¼ yd deep with different coloured beads – fine scarlet leggings tastily beaded – over their cloth skirts they wore short calico frocks, reaching to the knees – Instead of caps, as our Micmacs, they had on silk beaver hats ornamented with 3 rows of differently shaped silver broaches, fastened upon ribbon.

Quite shocked however to observe that one of them had on a pair of open worked cotton gloves!  Altho’ they could not speak English, they soon opened their budget of bead bags, moccasins, pin cushions, needlebooks, purses etc etc.  We soon gathered around them many to purchase and many, like myself, to gratify curiosity.  They left us at the next stopping place.