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Chapter 6.61 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Stopped at a building where iron car wheels are made by steam.  Astonished to see the iron shavings peeling off, as if it had been of some soft material.  Eliza scorched her glove by catching one as it fell.

This is the finest flour country in the Union – many mills here – 7200 barrels have been ground and packed in one day from all the mills in Rochester - The population between 50- and 60- thousand, where but 10 or 12 years ago there was only a small village.

We walked through many plants of the city -- surprised to see so many fine buildings -- well-fitted and showy shops, many handsome Churches – a great deal of bustle – indeed everything here seems ‘going a head’.

Could not afford time for a longer stay, therefore concluded to leave Rochester by the evening boat, which goes to Lockport.  The landlord took us and our baggage, gratis, to the boat – “the Red Rover” – of the “Red Bird Line” – a superior boat -- 100 ft. long – furnished as all the packet boats are in a very tasty style.  Pretty carpet -- drab worsted damask curtains – blue silk binding and tassels – curtain bends – stuffed damask...continues on 6.62