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Chapter 6.59 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.58- precipice, in some parts, breaking into mist as it reached the lower bed of the river.  There is such beauty, as well as grandeur in the appearance of this celebrated falls.  Could have gazed at it for hours.

Saw the spot where poor Sam Patch[1] lost his life a few years ago.  A gentleman who saw him jump told us that at his first leap, he came up like a duck!  At this, his second, & last, he was quite intoxicated and did not keep his balance as he touched the water.  His body was not found till 5 months after, many miles down the river.  He had also taken a leap at Niagara, and at 2 or 3 other falls -

Stopped in to look at the depot – not withstanding the “No Admittance” over the door.  The manager politely allowed us to examine many things, saying the notice was only to keep out mischievous boys.

Had a good look at half a dozen of those great horses, which do so much work without whip or spurs!  Examined several kinds of scoops – one for snow – a most savage looking kind for tossing cattle off the track with strong teeth standing out in front.

[1]Known as "The Yankee Leaper", became the first famous American daredevil after successfully jumping from a raised platform into the Niagara River near the base of Niagara Falls in 1829.