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Chapter 6.58 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.57- a precipice of 98 feet.  The bank of the river below the falls, from which spot visitors always view them, has a grand appearance -- very steep, and dangerous to venture too near.  After returning to the other side of the river, we walked down to the margin and passed almost over the rocky bed to the other side again.  It was rather fearful, I confess, to step within a few feet of the awful precipice which we had just been viewing from below!  This rock is lime-stone.  The wearing away of the different Layers is very curious indeed -- full of “pot holes” as they are called -- the effect of the continual wearing of the water.

(Friday 8th)  Eliza, being better, we all rambled towards the falls again.  The rain, which had fallen on Wednesday night had so swollen the river, that the whole rocky bed over which Papa and I had walked only yesterday, without wetting our feet, was covered!  Indeed the sight made me tremble.  Had the water rushed down yesterday, as I thought at the time it might, we must have been swept off.  The view was grand indeed today -- A sheet of water fell over the whole face of the...continues on 6.59