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Chapter 6.57 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.56- The fine & fertile Genessee Valley, with the river meandering through it, is a beautiful view.  A canal also runs through the valley.

Our good friend was very chatty and , “guessed might he be so bold, as came from Mr. Slick’s place”.  Inquired if we were personally acquainted with him, and seemed delighted upon our answering in the affirmative.  Asked many questions about him, & ‘guessed he was a real cute man for he had shown off the Yankees pretty well!!  Gathered a bunch of wild flowers as a memento.  We went out & returned with a gentlemanly young man, (Pettingill), who seemed more English, than any we had met with.

After returning, and resting a while, we walked out to view the Falls -- only a few minutes walk from the city.  This sight was grand, notwithstanding the 2 months of dry weather they have had in these parts,

There was one advantage -- We could see more clearly the immense rock itself.  It is a wonderful place indeed!  The whole bed of the river appears suddenly to have sunk, and the water falls over...continues on 6.58