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Chapter 6.56 Albany to Niagara (continued)              

              We reached Rochester at 8 o’clock on the evening of the 3rd day - so that we were 3 days & 2 nights coming from Schenectady to Rochester – 240 miles – 4 miles an hour.  Papa and Eliza as well as myself felt quite disposed for a rest, and concluded to remain here for a few days.

(Thursday, Sept 7th).  Eliza not very well.  Papa & I walked about the town after which, took the omnibus to `Mount Hope` a most appropriate name, being a place of burial.  It is laid out in somewhat of the Mt. Auburn style, (or rather Parc la Chaise as that is the original), they say & contains about 70 acres -- It is a beautiful spot -- contains the greatest variety of hib[iscus] & date I ever saw.  Some pretty ridges, and level spots -- There are already a number of good monuments, atho it has been opened but a few years.  About two miles from the city.

The kind old gentleman who laid out the grounds, and formerly owner of the whole spot took us to every part of any interest.  He went on a hill or rather mount, from whence we had a fine view of the whole city --  We had also our first view of the great Lake Ontario , far in the distance, about 12 miles off. ...continues on 6.57