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Chapter 6.55 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.54- his pigs - They were all of one colour, so that the broad surface of the grey backs looked odd enough.  We also overtook a boatload of Norwegians – outlandish fellows indeed! - Men, women & children all going ‘far West’ to seek a new home in the wilds of America.  There was only one man on board who could speak a word of English.  We were quite interested in them, and intently wished they might find, what I dare say each hoped for, a happy and comfortable home.

These drivers which are always seated upon the hindermost horse are funny looking chaps – real fliberty giberts.  Their births I should think was none of the easiest as all the horses seem to trot rather high.  They don’t mind it tho’, but keep on for hours with the greatest coolness.

Horses are changed every 8 miles.  The boatmen blow a conk, or tin horn, when within ¼ mile, giving time to have the fresh horses in readiness so that they are hooked to the line in a twinkling, without stopping the boat one moment.  The poor tired beasts trot off to their stable to refresh for another pull when the boat returns, or another boat comes up.

Today we passed Jordan, Lyons, and Palmyra – grand names to be sure, but very pretty and flourishing towns – many other towns & villages.