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Chapter 6.51 Albany to Niagara (continued)

We passed this evening through the fine flourishing of Syracuse, with streets and with lighted shops on each side of the canal. Quite a novelty to us, and really very picturesque. Changed boats here, which however did not detain us ten minutes.

(Wednesday September 6th.)  The one we came in returned after taking in a good load of passengers for ‘down East’ - On we went again - but few stopping at Syracuse, and had almost our old party again with a few additions - Indeed there is a constant “coming on” and “going off” as they term it.  They never say, come into but “come on, a boat”

One place of consequence, as a natural curiosity, we missed seeing “Little Falls”. There the Mohawk near to which river the canal runs nearby from Schenectacky, rushes through [through] a very bold ravine in the rock. We were told the next day, it was a very picturesque spot. But as it chanced to be midnight when the boat passed and we were all sound asleep, no one thought of waking us. We were very sorry but it is useless to regret – will give an outline sketch, from a print, on the other page. ...continues on 6.53