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Chapter 6.50 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.49- in a boat 90 feet by 10 and mercury at 80.  It was literally stowing them - Most of the sleeping places are hanging cots, which are put up and taken down in a trice by the smart cabin maids and waiters.

Among our fellow passengers were many, very pleasant and friendly - Most of the females were plain people, chiefly from the neighbouring states, tho’ many belonged to these parts through which the canal passes. - some going on a boat to visit their friends, others returning home. Among the most friendly were the two old Quaker ladies who quite took our fancies - They are certainly an interesting people. So much kindness and simplicity about them.  Their dress too is so unique - The bonnet - the plain white muslin cape whose frill has not a single plait - The kerchief over the shoulders pinned so smooth - Quite interested when I told them we came from Nova Scotia. “What! So far off”. But they guessed they knew where it was, somewhere about Maine! Indeed, we generally let folks know we were Nova Scotians and found we lost nothing in kindness by it. Those were two plain ladies of German descent whose kind behaviour I shall never forget. Another elderly couple- how I wish I knew their names- but I was not yet Yankee enough to ask -

The first subject for chat on board these boats is – How far are you going? and  Where are you from? – From down East? - From up West? - What do you think of the country! Etc., Etc., Etc.