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Chapter 6.49 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.48- seen several within a hairs breadth of it.

(Tuesday). During the first and second days we stopped for a few minutes at several fine flourishing towns. The city of Utica was one of the largest and prettiest. The city of Rome near to which the canal passes has a most picturesque appearance, more so than any other we passed- prettily interspersed with domes, trees, spires.

Fultonville is a fine town. There are enumerable other rising villages and towns which names I forget but which are fast advancing to be places of importance and size.

The canal runs through a most fertile country, and offers great advantages to the multitudes who yearly settle upon its banks. The Romans aware of the benefit of the canal running through their city would to them, have agreed to defray half the expense, the state paying the remainder, in order to bring it nearer to them!  It now passes within a mile of the town.

We stopped for a few moments at almost every village losing and gaining several passengers at every stop - so that we generally kept up our first number of about 70 persons. We could manage well enough by day, indeed the more the merrier then. But at night it was most uncomfortable. So many crowded together...continues on 6.50