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Chapter 6.47 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.46- with me.  Upon reaching our room threw myself on the bed quite exhausted and sick. No rest for me that night. Towards morning felt better and was able to leave in the cars for Schenectady at 6:00 (Monday) – The view of Troy as you are leaving it, is beautiful, so picturesque, very many spots on our way to S. quite interesting especially where the train is laid upon arches raised above the little villages and farms. The whole landscape is spread out beneath the eyes and has an odd and striking appearance. At other times the train passes over low meadows. Indeed the variety is very pleasing and country extensively cultivated and fertile. Reached Schenectady in much less than an hour (15 minutes). This is a very old, but by no means a pretty town, upon the Mohawk River

The Erie Canal passes through the town and some of the Packet Boats were waiting for our cars in order to take one, those passengers who preferred this went to the cars. No sooner were we out of the cars then we found ourselves surrounded by the boatmen. “Going East?” – “Going West?“ – “Ours is a first rate boat, no mistake”-  “Much the pleasantest mode of seeing the country”- “Advise you not to go on by the cars” - “Shouldn’t cost you any more” ...continues on 6.48