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Chapter 6.46 Albany to Niagara (continued)

Continued from 6.45- Presently, I met a respectable looking gentleman, whom I ventured to address. At first I imagined he regarded me with rather a suspicious eye! I then told him I was a perfect stranger and feeling much fatigued, had just parted with my father and sister who had gone on to Church. He asked, “to what church?”, I told him to the Episcopal Church, in a moment his whole manner changed. He kindly pointed out the way, advising me to keep on the side of the street out of the hot sun. I don’t wonder for it was a suffocating day and my face I dare say was pretty well sun burnt. - I followed the kind gentleman’s directions as well as I could but soon found myself again at fault. Next enquired of a jolly fat woman who was seated by her open window. She told me to my great comfort that I was a mile out of my way. She leaned out of the window as she dared pointing out several streets in the right direction with which I had to be content. Keeping on for about half a mile, I overtook a fine little fellow whose noble countenance quite charmed me – upon chatting with him a while, he offered to walk to the Hotel with...continues on 6.47