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Chapter 6.44 Albany to Niagara

Continued from 6.43- to Troy (6 miles) in time for evening service. (Travelled it in 40 minutes).  Felt sorry to leave Albany so soon but perhaps may see it again on our return home.  I say perhaps because papa has not altogether decided upon the route we are to take - We will be guided in a great measure by circumstances.

The heat of this day has been most oppressive – so sultry – not a breath of air in the stage.  Eliza and I found ourselves on the same seat with a wonderfully fat old gentleman.  At first his tongue was very quiet; I suppose he did not fancy the crowding he got - but after, (one of the passengers having stopped), Eliza moved forward and the old gentleman made himself very sociable with us.

He gave us much local information, which we could not gain in any other way - and amused us by the warm argument with a Trojan upon the beauties and merits of the 2 fine cities in the neighbourhood.  We passed an arsenal and he, in the pride of his heart, supposing me to be an “American citizen”, pointed out “a whole row of guns we took from the British last war”!; and I wonder, said I, how many times longer would be the row, we British took from the Yankees?  The fat gentleman gave me a stare but no answer.  Presently, we got chatting again, asked me if I...continues on 6.45