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Chapter 5.43 New York City to Albany (continued)

               The Pulpits, Reading Desk, Chairs, Doors, Molding of pews, alter railings, etc. are all of handsome mahogany. A young clergymen read prayers and Dr. Potter the rector, preached an excellent sermon upon “Gab. 6.9. “Let us not be wrong in well doing in well doing: for in due season we shall reap ir we faint not” Dr. P. is a good looking man – about 50 – quite grizzled.

The church was well filled, with an attentive congregation. The parish is a very flourishing one – indeed I am told that the Episcopal Church in all parts of the Union is most prosperous.  We remained after the sermon and partook of the Holy \communion with our brothers in this branch of the Holy Catholic Church.  The whole service this morning was to me very impressive and I trust our souls were “Strengthened and refreshed” by it.  There must have been upwards of 200 communicants present.  The collection of “Alms” I observed, was made from them only, after the rest of the congregation had left the Church.  It struck me as being very proper.  Their service is but little altered from ours, and in no essential points.  One improvement I noticed, their prayers immediately before the sermon is omitted, which seems to connect more closely the prayers of the Liturgy, with the sermon.