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Chapter 5.41 New York City to Albany (continued)

We reached the fine old city of Albany at six o’clock. Just twelve hours in coming 145 miles (about 14 miles and hour). The evening was lovely and the whole scene as Albany came in view – quite enchanting! - Several steamers in motion, and sloops innumerable. The city shows to great advantage from the sides of a fine hill. The whole country about is beautifully undulated - Many fine spires and domes - The tin roofs have an odd appearance in the bright sunshine - quite like silver. Several of the domes are covered with it, as well as the houses. We soon landed and made the best of our way through the “cab-men” who are as officious as at New York. As we did not acquire their services we just stood and looked on. (which by the way we often did).

It was curious to watch their anxious faces and their determination to catch customers. Poor fellows!  I don’t wonder - it was perhaps all their living - we walked on to “Mansion House” a fine hotel, and soon made ourselves quite ‘at home’. We were all glad to get a rest. Indeed, my eyes were ready to stand out of my head with so much staring, for they did more than their share of work this day. What a multitude of interesting objects have we beheld since the sun rose this morning!

I am only fearful that the beauties of nature I yet hope to enjoy may in any degree obliterate these from my memory.