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Chapter 5.39 New York City to Albany (continued)

Continued from 5.38- and commenced a regular series of them, perfectly regardless of so many around them, and of the beautiful scenery through which we were passing. Their party became quite a centre of attraction to all on board when in the midst of their most canting tunes, the prime movers fell asleep and gave a deep and awful nod ! - down to his very knees ! - He was one of the most awkward, gawky looking creatures I ever saw, and the whole scene was so ludicrous that I would defy a stone to keep from laughing.  A gentleman near told us they had been traversing the country for weeks “keeping meetings” night and day. Most likely this long-shanks had not enjoyed his usual rest for a week.

The distant Catskill Mountains have a beautiful appearance-quite blue in the distance. Athens and Newburgh towns of importance and very pretty.

We were continually passing smart looking vessels- shallops[1] and Albany schooners, 2 other sloops. Counted 30 off West Point.  Passed several steamboats and large rafts of logs or timber. The men have their huts on them and live there for weeks. Hudson City 118 miles from New York is the largest until you reach Albany, which is 149 from New York. All the towns on this beautiful river are fast rising. The banks are studded with hundreds of retreats where many gentlemen whose business calls them to the city every day, have retired with their families.  ...continues on 5.40

[1]A light sailboat used mainly for coastal fishing