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Chapter 5.38 New York City to Albany

Continued from 5.36 - leaving the Palisades, the Highlands commence – grandeur of the scenery increases fast. “St. Anthony’s nose” - “Sugar Loaf”- “Bare Mt.” – “Butter Hill” – “Break Neck” – “Crows Nest” – “West Point” - are grand and imposing. Some of the lofty mountains seem to overhang the river which through the Highlands is so serpentine that you seem at times to be completely shut in. This is very striking at West Point, one of the finest views upon the Hudson – Here is the famous military school of which the Yankees are so proud. It certainly looks well as you pass. The “Tomb of Kosciusko”, the Polish ___, shows prettily from the water – Also a fine Hotel – “The Highlands” continue for nearly 20 miles – The loftiest 1530 feet high and approaching to the very banks of the river, makes one tremble to look up at them. The day proved lovely, and we kept our course in good style, touching at 10 or 12 villages of most consequence. Never stopped more than 5 minutes, just to land, and take in passengers who were always standing ready on the wharf to step on board. They were continuously changing, so that we always gained at one landing place what we lost at another. At one time, a whole company of Camp Meetingers got on board – male and female – It really seemed as they could not exist without singing their exciting hymns for they were no sooner on the promenade deck, than they seated themselves... continues on 5.39