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Chapter 5.36 New York City to Albany

(Sat. 2nd Sep.)  Rose at day-dawn and went on board the splendid steamer “Troy” (280 feet long) at 6 o’clock. A great number and variety of persons on board. Eliza and I quite enjoyed ourselves with “looking on” many little chaps hawking about their “Last new novel ma’am” – “Morning Herald, for only 2 cents.” – and newspapers of all sorts – very anxious to induce the passengers to buy for their amusement on the voyage. We always shook our heads as we imagined we had a greater treat in view than any of their ‘new novels’ would give us. It was a bustling scene indeed - hundreds with their baggage pouring in. The greater numbers of genteel looking ladies and gentlemen, than we have seen together before. Presently the bell rang and off we set in fine style – Past the city which appears to more advantage in going up the river than in entering the harbour from the Sound.

            The beauty of the scenery increases as you advance on the river. At Fort Lee, 10 miles up, the “Palisades” commence and bounds the short on the western side of the river about 20 miles. Their appearance is very peculiar and striking being formed of lofty perpendicular rocks ranging from 300 to 500 feet in height. We soon passed Tarry town, famous for being the place where Major Andrew was captured and for “Sleepy Hollow” from which Mr. Irving founded his interesting legend. Next comes Sparten, and SingSing [1] a lovely little village on the eastern bank. (Extensive marble quarries here) About 40 miles up on the same side is Croton village and river.  Soon after ... continues on 5.38

[1] Sight of State prison.