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Chapter 4.34 New York City (continued)

Continued from 4.33 - take us home – quite ill all night.

(Friday).  This morning found myself not able to rise. Papa and Eliza took the ferry to Brooklyn and returned much gratified. Weeping willows surpassed any they had seen. Cliffs 66 feet high.  Very sorry I could not have gone too.

            Scarcely able to rise but did so at noon and strolled out towards the “American Museum”[1]. This is better set up than the other. There were so many very interesting objects here that I am at a loss which to mention. The prepared animals were perfect, the beasts especially. Birds, beautiful, elephant, zebra, lions, tigers, leopards, deer. Siamese twins (wax), mummies – all sorts of curiosities, foreign and national. Fossils, shells, reptiles etc.

            The Dwarf, General Tom Thumb[2] was there, 25 inches in height – quite an intelligent little fellow. Something very interesting in his appearance – pleasant – expression. Shook hands very cordially with us all and allowed me to measure him. He is English-light complexion 12 years of age.[3]  This museum is ___ feet high. ...continues on 4.35


[1]Ticket 1/3

[2] Famous dwarf.

[3]He is not English as they told us he was, but born in the middle States.