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Chapter 4.33 New York City (continued)

Continued from 4.32 - As we returned, passed the “The Tomb” a prison. This building, which is of granite after the Ancient Egyptians style, has an imposing appearance. Stopped a few moments and walked through the fine hall - roofs supported by noble Egyptian pillars – every part about the building is Egyptian – Globe drawings over the entrance - sculpture etc. etc.

            Altho’ not feeling very well today, quite delighted with our interesting round. The driver had taken us in nearly a circle and to many parts of the city to which we could not have walked.

As we are all fond of sight seeing, Papa took Eliza and me to Niblo’s Gardens[1] this evening. The plants, trees, fountains, coloured lamps, arbours etc. might give one an idea of the London gardens. We thought the music excellent – There was an interesting pantomime “The 55 misfortunes of Fortunatus” - Tight RopeDancing – wonderful indeed. How can they achieve such feats – also a beautiful Spanish Dance and the wonderful performances of a troupe of wild Bedouins.

            The evening was excessively hot and oppressive and I was so exhausted that we were obliged to ask a cab to... continues on 4.34


[1]New York Theatre on Broadway