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Chapter 4.32 New York City (continued)

continued from 4.31 - echo in the stone stairway, which takes you to the top.  We could plainly see the other reservoir about three miles distant with which this is connected underground.  The fountainhead is Croton River about forty miles north. (A branch of the Hudson.)  What an advantage and comfort these “Croton Waterworks” must be to a city like New York! One sees on the hottest days, cool refreshing water dashing about almost as plentiful as the air itself.

The property they have saved from fire has been more than equal to the minimum expense of their erection. We saw men laying out several new streets and observed each had larger pipes for conveying the water through them – indeed every park of the city has its supply.

            Quite amused with the “New York Teavingers”, in the shape of immense Hogs - many of them about the upper part of the city.[1]  It is really delightful if only for a few hours, to get out of the unceasing din and confusion of such a great city as this, with its 160,000 inhabitants. The green fields and wooden houses we passed, brought dear home to our minds. ... continues on 4.33

[1] Meaning lost.