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Chapter 4.31 New York City (continued)

Continued from 4.30- We retired early this evening as we were all really fatigued with our day’s ramblings.  It has been a most overpowering day.

(August 31st Thursday ).  Quite too hot to walk much -- if possible, more so than yesterday.  Fan in constant use – Eliza often laughs at me but am sure I could not get on without it.  I find to my surprise, that she bears the heat far better than I do.  Took a coach and pair for a drive around Washington Stn. and Square.  In this direction, the buildings are much finer.[1]  It is here the aristocracy generally reside.  The dwelling houses in the other streets of the city cannot compare with these – such an air of elegance and comfort about them.  The beautiful shrubs and pretty fountains beneath the windows quite charmed us.  The coach man drove us all around the upper part of the city – He understood his business well, for he would always drive slowly when passing a fine street or building.  The Roman Catholic church and many others are noble buildings  -- the university also.

Just out of the city is the nearest Croton reservoir, which supplies the whole population with abundance of excellent water.  We went in and walked all around on the top of the immense granite walk, which is built in a very strong manner to prevent the water bursting out.  There is a curious... continues on 4.32


[1] Grander than in the other parts of the city.