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Chapter 4.30 New York City (continued)

The buildings in this street are mostly handsome granite, freestone and brick.  Lots of fine ladies shopping and walking - the New York ladies in elegance of dress and figure, quite surpass the Bostonians - these do not think it genteel to dress handsomely in the street, as one of of them told me this morning at breakfast.

After tea, walked to the Battery[1].  It was certainly a most delightful promenade!  Much struck with the size and beauty of the trees.  Hundreds of ladies and gentlemen enjoying the lovely evening.  Quite surpasses the Boston Common – This however is a bone of contention between the New Yorkers, and Bostonians.  Each think their own the finest.  The sea view alone would give superiority to the Battery – and then the trees are more noble, appear to have been growing for centuries.

Two of the boarders delighted us with their fine music this evening.  The one a German upon the Piano, the other, an Italian, upon the flageolet.  The German, one of the handsomest young men I have ever seen is a professor of music.  We were all sorry when they finished, as it is not often in a life time, one hears such music.  I wanted sadly to ask them for “God Save the Queen”.  ... continues on 4.31

[1] Those brought up in sight of the sea, as we in Yarmouuth, naturally enjoy the Battery