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Chapter 4.29 New York City (continued)

Continued from 4.28 - for years.  Indeed, this African Coast to which he intends sailing is so sickly for strangers that I tremble to think of the risks to which he may be exposed. 

His company has added greatly to the pleasures of our little party and indeed he has been so kind and attentive that we scarcely know how to part with him.

He was in excellent spirits when he left us, and hoped to reach “Home” in less than a fortnight.

Walked through Broadway, the finest street for shops in the city.  Splendid indeed!  We just stood and gazed at the windows as long as we wished – No one knows us, and we knew not one of the thousands we met during the day.  The beautiful displays of plates, glass, jewelry, cutlery, silks, millinery, prints etc, etc., pleased us much.  The apothecaries’ shops look well.  Surprised both here and at Boston to find the side walks so littered with bales, boxes, articles exposed for sale and packages of every sort.  I wonder it is allowed – but in this Land of Freedom it would be a great act of tyranny I suppose to prevent the people setting such articles where they choose.

I know however from experience that it is very inconvenient on a hot day with the mercury at 95 degrees to meet these impediments continually in one’s path.