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Chapter 4.28 New York City (continued)

Went next to the museum – not the best in the city, but well worth visiting. Will see the other tomorrow.  Many curiosities, to us Nova Scotians, very interesting.  Two well preserved Egyptian Mummies – Beautiful birds of every kind – bird of paradise, ostriches – one 7 feet high its head in natural position.  The head of a New Zealand Chief, preserved like a mummy’s and covered with tattooing had a most terrific aspect.  Serpents and reptiles of many species.  Many Chinese and other foreign curiosities.  Good collections of beasts - fine Lion – well called “The King of Beasts”.  A well preserved human body (of a child), found in a salt cave in Kentucky in a sitting posture.  Must have been many hundreds of years old.  This has lately come to the museum as coloured girl aged 13 y, and weighing 405 lbs!!  A monster indeed – such a living lump of fat.  I never could have imagined.  She appeared quite happy and vain of her gaudy trappings.  They told me she came from “away beyond Albany” – Poor thing!  I pitied her for the day was melting hot, and how she endured it, I know not.

George, not being able to get passages in the G.[reat]Western obliged to return to Boston for the Hibernia, which leaves for England tomorrow.  It grieved us much to part with him, perhaps... continues on 4.29