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Chapter 4.26 New York City (continued)

Continued from 4.23 - Lost no time in sallying out in search of the Lions!  First object of attraction was Trinity Church, not yet furnished.  A splendid gothic edifice in the cathedral style.  Very fine beyond anything of the kind I had ever seen.  The whole (when finished) 280 feet high.  The New Yorkers, with good reason, are very proud of the church, which will be 80 feet higher than any other in the Union.  Could have stood an hour to admire the very fine front.  The architect showed us the different motifs that for the organ loft, or choir, is beautifully unique.  Immense clustered columns support the roof, all of freestone.  The parish is very nice, and can well afford all this expense.

St. Paul’s too is a handsome church, granite and red freestone, fine statues of St. Paul in front.