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Chapter 4.23 New York City (continnued)

Quite a grand table.  Counted 26 dishes at dinner today besides vegetables, etc. etc.  Peaches, melons and in great profusion.  Everything handsomely served up.  There must have been upwards of 70 persons at every meal.

Mine and Eliza’s bedroom is upon the second floor, exactly opposite to one of the finest fountains in the city, that in the centre of the old “bowling green”.  It was generally stopped at night and set playing at 10 or 11 in the morning, and really the whole air seemed to be cooled by it. 

This change might have been partly imagination for indeed it is impossible to sit within a hundred feet of such a splendid column of rushing and splashing water without breathing the air around you benefitted by the falling spray.[1]

[1] A slight sketch of the fountain upon the next page.