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Chapter 4.22 - New York City

The beauty of the scenery increased as we neared New York.  That about Hurl Gates, really grand – very bold shores on each side, but, owing to the time of tides, not so much agitation as I had expected to see in the water.  The villas about here are lovely, on both Long Island and New York shores – great variety of hills and dales - fine clumps of forest trees – pretty quiet little coves – trees to the water’s edge, and many other beauties which I cannot now estimate, all helped to render the scene quite delightful.

The day too was fine and clear.  Brooklyn soon came in view.  Larger than Halifax I should think. A fine appearance – more so than New York, which shows to no advantage from the water.  So very flat is the land on which it has been built.  Fine large harbor.  Steam vessels without number plying in every direction.  Landed at 8 o’clock, having run about 150 miles since 10 o’clock!

Put up at the “Atlantic Hotel”.  Everything quite splendid.  Furniture of the first quality in both parlours and bedrooms.  Bedding elegant.  etc. etc.