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Chapter 2.2 - Boston

continued from 1.2 - We could not resist the temptation, even at that unseasonable hour, of wrapping our shawls about us and ascending to the deck to take a look at this city of which the Yankees are so proud.  The night was not dark, so that we could catch a glimpse of the general outline of many of the public buildings, State House, and many gas lights were still burning, so that we thought ourselves quite repaid for the little trouble we had taken, and after an hour, returned to our cabins and slept soundly until six.

At seven, the Custom House Officer made his appearance, and after going through the ceremony of “searching”, we were allowed to step on shore with our baggage.  We proceeded immediately to “Pearl Street House” - and were soon refreshed by an excellent breakfast, immediately after which Elizabeth and George walked out to Roxbury, nearly three miles distant, where Mr. Collins resides.