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Chapter 3.20 Boston to New York City (continued)

(Wednesday) At 6, our party was on deck – had got into very pretty scenery, which improved much as we proceeded.  Rickers Cove etc. quite pretty. 

Beautiful and fertile farms – orchards - Gentleman’s seats without number.  Passed the Penitentary and Lunatic Asylum.  A strong working fine story building .  Many working and moving about within the enclosures.  Several had taken their stand at their barred windows and waved their hands to us most imploringly.  Poor wretches!  Their cries reached us even amid the din of the steam works, and the confusion of so many beings on board. 

One from an upper window strongly grated, appeared to be a young female in blue.  Both her hands, in which she held a sheet of white paper, were thrust through the bars.  She waved it to us long after we had passed, but poor creatures!  We could not help them!  Deeply interesting and melancholy was the sight.  I felt a gloom upon my mind which did nott soon pass off.  The building is beautifully situated a few hundred feet from the shore.  Great kindness is used towards the unfortunate inmates.