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Chapter 3.19 Boston to New York City (continued)

Continued from 3.18- good naps.  Quite amusing to look around and by the help of our lamps to see the nodding heads.  Reached Stonington at 10 o’clock - another steamer was there waiting for us.  Went immediately on board and left for New York.  The boat, altho’ a very large and fine one, completely crammed!  - 500 slept on the lower deck of the “Rhode Island” that night. – The lower ladies cabin contained about 25.  I believe there were about 160 births besides 300 cots and a multitude of floor births.  Quite a coloured Dutchess as stewardess.  It was more than an hour before we could all get sleeping places.  Mine was not but a few inches wide, and impossible it was to sleep. – A good natured Quaker lady took pity on me and said “If thee wishes, thee can have my comfortable mattress on the floor for I do not expect to sleep this night”.  The closeness of the night itself, without the crowding, was enough to drive sleep from the eyes of any excepting those, who like ourselves, had travelled  between 80 and 90 miles since dinner.  I however thanked the kind hearted lady, silently wishing there were more like her in the world, and made out to get a short nap or two before the morning.