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Chapter 3.18 Boston to New York City (continued)

Mr. & Mrs. Cohen first, to lead the way, George and I next and Papa and Eliza bringing up the rear!  I never ran faster in my life.  Eliza and Papa lost sight of us in the dusk, and universal rush, and thought they never would overtake us again.  But they were at the door of the car as soon as ourselves.  We each secured a comfortable seat and enjoyed a hearty laugh at ourselves and each other for the fine figure we had just cut! – Again we set off but more slowly than before, and after going on about a mile, we found the train was returning – After reaching our starting place, they loosened four cars from the train, as the whole was found to be too heavy for the engine – how should we have felt had we been in one of them instead of the second?  “By no means comfortable”.

Again we moved forward and at a swifter rate, like a hourse who has got rid of a heavy burden.  On we went for two hours in the dark.  Could of course see nothing save a cluster of lights now and then pointing out the towns, and many single ones scattered over the country. – We often moved fearfully fast.  Had my eyes filled with coal dust several times. – obliged to close the windows – heat oppressive.  Caught several... continues on 3.19