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Chapter 3.17 Boston to New York City (continued)

Continued from 3.16 - The country improved much as we advanced on our journey. During the last half hour we were frequently passing fine farms and orchards - pretty country houses, extensive corn fields etc.

Upon reaching Providence, of which we had but a faint glimpse through the twilight, (enough tho’ to see it was a fine flourishing and handsome town) we all left the train and scampered for the steamboat which lay waiting to take the passengers across the fine sheet of water in front of the town. Another boat started with ours and proceeded down the beautiful bay in grand style (to Newport). The fine green light emited from the top of the funnel was very singular. We passed over in about ten minutes and found another train to take us on to Stonnington. What a run was had though! Everyone for himself ! – Our kind friend and his lady had given us a lesson. They had been travelling for some weeks and knew from experience that if we did not use every exertion we might yet be left out in the filling up of the cars.

The instant we could step our foot upon terra firma off we all started.