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Chapter 3.16 Boston to New York City (continued)

It really appeared sometimes when we were passing a fence or  bridge abutments or any very near object, as if it would draw our eyes out, so odd was the sensation at first.

After leaving the vicinity of Boston, the first twelve or fifteen miles was through a barren sort of country interspersed within meadow lands.  But as we rolled rapidly on, the face of the country improved much. Reminded one strongly of Nova Scotia - exactly the same forest trees as we find in our own woods. We passed through, and almost over half a dozen small villages - some lay far beneath the rail track – in very new and odd appearance to us. Two or three seemed to be manufacturing towns. None of them very picturesque as they all wanted the sea or river to enliven the scenery.

Cars stopped twice for a few minutes to supply the engine with wood and water – “for the horses to feed and drink”, as some witty [person said].

50 or 60 got out, the ringing of the engine bell soon made them scamper back to their seats - and on we went - sometimes very swiftly, and others more slowly. At 8 o’clock we reached Providence having gone the whole distance, 40 miles in about two hours.