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Chapter 3.15 Boston to New York City (continued) ...gentleman, Mr. Cohen, and lady who seeing our imploring looks I suppose allowed us to crowd in, the gentleman giving up his seat beside his pretty young wife to me.  George and he were obliged to stand all the way to Providence, excepting when they chose to squeeze down at our feet on the floor. As soon as our seats were secure and the intense anxiety over, all strength of body and mind too, one might think, seemed to leave me – I wept like a child – I  could not help it –The dread of one of our party being left behind – the fear of George reaching New York too late for the “Great Western” – perhaps losing our baggage and all the money Papa had in this part of the world with it, was quite enough to excite my feelings.

However, off the whole train soon started, and terrific work it is - to us I mean, who for the first time traveled on a railroad. Quite new to Papa, Eliza and myself. One cannot help being somewhat alarmed at first but it as surprising how very soon that feeling wears off and you soon cease to dread the explosion of the terrific enqine in front.